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Texture Brush Set

Texture Brush Set

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Unlock your creative potential with this Texture Brush Set! With 60 seamless and high-quality brushes, you'll be equipped for any project or idea with canvas, grain and paper textures. Use the 30 background and 30 overlay brushes to enhance your art and make your digital creations come alive!

With this brush set you will get:

  • 9 Paper Texture Brushes
  • 5 Canvas Texture Brushes
  • 11 Wall and Grunge Texture Brushes
  • 3 Grain Texture Brushes
  • 20 Overlay Texture Brushes
  • 10 Speckled and Scratch Brushes

These brushes are not pressure sensitive, so no need for an Apple Pencil or 3rd party stylus!

Commercial License Included - Use for yourself, or for a business. No credit necessary!

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